From thrilling stunts to plot twists, French series on Netflix never fall short in making us cry, giving us goosebumps, or keeping us on the edge of our chairs.

If you’re not a French native speaker, no need to worry since English subtitles are provided in each series. However, if you’re learning French, watching French series is a fantastic way to hone listening and vocabulary skills while gaining cultural fluency.

Don’t know where to begin? No problem, I have put together a list of 14 French Netflix series that are available to stream right now!

#1 – Osmosis (2019)

If you’re a fan of science fiction shows, then you’re certain to enjoy this Netflix original series, Osmosis. The show is only eight episodes long and is set in an alternative universe with a new dating app that is said to guarantee singles to find their soulmates.

To make this possible, the singles have to swallow a pill that downloads brain data, including buried and innermost thoughts. Simply put, this French series is fully-packed with love, thrills, and twists.

#2 – Dix Pour Cent (Call My Agent) (2015)

Every day, movie-star agents (Arlette, Gabriel, Mathias, and Andrea) working in a talent agency, defend their business’ vision and juggle challenging situations.

They skillfuly combine business and art, but their professional and chaotic personal lives sometimes come into conflict. And so, while struggling to keep their business shaken by the passing away of its founder, the talent agents show us what happens behind the red carpets of fame and flashing bulbs; where emotion, laughter, tears, and transgression constantly collide.

#3 – Le Chalet (The Chalet) (2018)

Fans of horror shows will love The Chalet. It is an exciting scenario that you will have a difficult time determining what you are going to get from scene-to-scene.

Picture a childhood friend’s reunion up in the French Alps. This sounds like an ideal getaway; however, in this remote chalet things soon take an ugly turn.

With no access to the rest of the world, a desperate fight or struggle for survival ensues. The French horror show lets the tension grow considerably as the desperate old friends realise how helpless they are, with a serial killer in their midst.

#4 – Plan Coeur (The Hook Up Plan) (2018)

This humorous French romcom revolves around a Parisian lady, Elsa (played by Zita Hanrot), who is attempting to get over a painful break up with Maxime, which happened two years ago.

Her girlfriends are hoping to help her move on from the sad memories, and find a perfect partner. And so they decide to hire a charming and attractive teacher (Jules) to seduce her. The scheme works effectively, and the escort changes Elsa’s life forever.

The casting does an excellent job by presenting a diversity of French culture with characters of Spanish, African, Arab, and Portuguese origin.

‘The Hook Up Plan’ would surely leave your sides hurting from laughter, and it is an easy watch for French learners. If you’re looking for French comedy movies, check out my list of great French comedies.

#5 – La Mante (The Mantis) (2017)

La Mante is a thriller miniseries with its own charm and will definitely be an exciting ride.

When a series of murders seem to resemble killings like that of Carole Bouquet (Jeanne Deber), also called The Mantis, cops search for the psychopath copycat murderer behind the killings.

Staying in solitary confinement, Carole Bouquet volunteers to help cops catch the serial killer by providing her mastery in the art of killing. But with a condition: she only interacts with detective Damien Carrot (Fred Testot), her estranged son.

Will there be a son-and mother reconciliation? Will they find the serial murderer? Tune in to Netflix and begin binge-watching this exciting crime drama!

#6 – Au Service De La France (A Very Secret Service) (2015)

‘A Very Secret Service’ is a humourist spy French series well played and well written.

At the height of the cold war in the early 1960s, André Merlaux (the lead character) is employed at the French secret service. The young man quickly becomes trapped in a chain of global intrigue, young love, and absurd bureaucracy.

This show provides delighting insights into French culture and history. The humour can be quite dark since it explores the country’s legacy of colonialism and racism. The language is also relatively simple, so you’ll definitely enjoy this heck of a laugh trip.

#7 – The Circle France (2020)

Also known as The Circle Game in France, it is a reality show where online players attempt to cat-fish, bond, and flirt their way to 100,000 euros prize.

It is an ideal show to binge on Netflix as every contestant is isolated in their room/apartment and able to converse only through social media.

The best part is the participants hail from different locations, and the diversity of accents make the show a fantastic choice for any French language learner.

#8 – La Trêve (The Break) (2016)

Literally translated as The Truce, the French language Belgian drama is quite popular for its dark humour and twists.

The plot revolves around a detective (Yoann) investigating the mysterious suicide-or-murder case of a 19-year-old African-football-player who was found in a river in a remote Belgium town.

The detective will find himself confronted with a conundrum, where the guilt of one person doesn’t mean that others aren’t responsible. The French series is a must-watch for people wanting a fix of French CSI with police vehicle sirens and yellow caution tapes. 😉

#9 – Les Témoins (Witness) (2014)

Set in a coastal village in France, Le Tréport, this is a thriller of dark secrets and crime. The residents of the small town are frightened when a grave-digger show buried dead bodies in a house just put out for sale.

The case attracts police detectives Paul Maisonneuve and Sandra Winckler. As the duo try to solve the mystery, they find themselves at the centre of a web of conspiracy.

The entire thing might sound a bit serious due to the interrogation, badges, and gun. However, it is a show with an incredible vista of the beach and bloody killers for spice. Also, Sandra (Marie Dopnier) won the Best Actress Award at the FIPA (Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels) 2015.

#10 – Glacé (The Frozen Dead) (2017)

The Frozen Dead is a French mystery thriller that will indeed have you frozen scared since it takes you on a suspenseful, chilly ride.

It all starts with the discovery of the headless horse’s body, which belongs to Eric Lombard, a wealthy businessman in the French town of Saint-Martin-de-Comminges.

Commander Martin Servaz with the help of local police Captain (Irène Ziegler) investigates the case. At the crime scene, the two investigators find DNA figured out to be that of a murderer Julian Hirtmann.

The serial killer is incarcerated at a high-security prison in Warnier, adding a touch of confusion and mystery as to how the DNA was found.

#11 – Family Business (2019)

A 35-year-old, Joseph, who works in his father’s kosher butcher shop, is packed with brilliant business ideas.

Through a reliable source, Joseph learns France is about to legalise cannabis. He, therefore, decides to transform his dad’s butcher with the help of his buddies and family into a weed shop.

This interesting French series features Jonathan Cohen, a rising French actor, playing the lead character, the well-known Gérard Darmon and the actresses Liliane Rovère and Julia Piation. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a fun French TV show!

#12 – La Forêt (The Forest) (2017)

The Forest is another thriller or horror French series to watch on Netflix, which takes place in a forest in the Ardennes.

It revolves around the story of a cop investigation of the disappearance of a 16-year-old Jennifer in the middle of the night in a nearby forest. Captain Gaspard Deker investigates the case with the help of Virginie Musso, who knows Jennifer well.

When a local teacher with a mysterious past, Eve, joins the search, dark secrets and unbelievable discoveries are made.

#13 – Transferts (Transfer) (2017)

This French sci-fi series takes place in the near future in a French city. A family man and wood-worker, Florian Bassot, drowns while boating with his lovely wife and kids. Florian wakes up in another man’s body after being in a coma for several years.

While the father was in a coma, body-swapping technology was legalised and made illegal again 2-years later.

With only six amazing episodes, you can watch the series without fear of getting hooked for any more than a weekend.

#14 – The Long Long Holiday (Les Grandes Grandes Vacances) (2015)

The French animated family drama unfolds against the backdrop of the second world war. The plot revolves around the children, sister and brother, left by parents at their maternal grandparent’s place in Grangeville.

The war is in its prime, and the children are busy exploring the many secrets of Normandy’s coast. In spite of the war, the children experience fantastic adventures and even make new pals with people and animals. The art and animation style, the plot and the acting are all incredible.

I hope you’ve discovered some new gems in this list of the best French series to watch on Netflix! Let me know in the comments below if I have missed anything! 🙂

If you’re looking for more quality French entertainment, check out my article about French movies on Netflix.

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