Below is a list of various French movies that are in the comedy genre. French cinema is known for its many funny movies that give you a great time and make you relax while laughing your lungs out! The list comprises of some old and new movies; hope you enjoy!

Top 8 French Comedy Films

1. The Closet (Le Placard) (2001)

A man decides to spread a rumour about himself being a homosexual but his homosexuality is fake. He is assisted by his neighbour to spread the rumour to prevent dismissal from his work place.

This comedy movie is written and directed by Francis Veber. The main stars of the film are Daniel Auteuil, Thiery Lhermitte and Gerard Depardieu.

Storyline: Francois Pignon, a bland type of man, works at a rubber factory as an accountant where he is about to be fired. He has a new neighbour who gives him an idea that will prevent him from being fired. His idea is that Francois should spread rumours about being gay so that the factory management can get afraid of being sued for sexual discrimination. Nothing happens but Francois Pignon undergoes some changes in his life as well as other people.

Some viewers felt that the film displays a lot of sympathy and warmth and a lot of necessary laughter while at the same time empathising with the main character. Highly recommended!

2. The Umbrella Coup (Le coup du parapluie) (1980)

A womaniser struggles to balance his mistress, wife and love interest all at the same time. Directed by Gerard Oury and written by Gerard Oury and Danielle Thompson, the film’s main stars are Pierre Richard, Christine Murillo and Valerie Mairesse.

Storyline: The film’s plot is all about a womaniser trying to balance his wife, mistress and love interest. I don’t want to tell you too much. 🙂

Viewers feel like the storyline does not make much sense but on the plus side, most of the gags are effective! The excellent cast makes the movie stand out.

3. Nothing to Declare (Rien à déclarer) (2010)

The film was written and directed by Dany Boon, a very famous stand up comedian in France. The main characters of the film are Dany Boon, Christel Pedrinelli and Benoit Poelvoorde.

Storyline: A Belge-Francophobe officer who works at the customs department has no choice but to work together with Frenchman to eliminate Franco-Belge borders back in the 90s.

The movie was received well by viewers since it was so hysterical. The actors were more than believable and did a great job in this film. Recommended for Dany Boon fans!

4. The Valet (La Doublure) (2006)

A top model and a porter have to pretend to be dating to save a CEO’S marriage. Francis Veber directs the movie, which was written by Declan May and Francis Veber. The main stars are Gad Elmaleh, Daniel Auteuil and Alice Taglioni.

Storyline: A Parisian Valet is in love with a woman but she rejects him. She wants to open a bookshop but she’s in debt and the man is not a type. There is a billionaire whose wealth is equivalent to two times that of his wife and has a beautiful mistress who is a young supermodel.

To draw the paparazzi and his wife from adultery claims, while giving his lawyer ample time to put together a divorce that will not cost him a lot of money, the billionaire agrees with the model and the valet and pays them to fake date for a month.

After just a few days, the owner of the bookshop and the billionaire get jealous. The supermodel gets first-hand experience with a nice gentleman while the Valet has status and self-confidence. What will they do?

This is not your typical comedy since it’s not episodic but rather depends on a normal world at a normal pace. You cannot see the jokes coming, which is always good in my book!

5. The Perfect Date (L’amour, c’est mieux à deux) (2010)

Storyline: Michel dreams of having a perfect meeting with the woman he always dreams of having. Vincent is Michel’s contrast as he is very different, he is a direct approach guy. The two are childhood friends and have very opposite views regarding women. They will soon realise the depth of their techniques when they meet Nathalie and Angele.

The directors of the movie are Amaud Lemort and Dominique Farrugia. The writers are Franck Dubosc and Armaud Lemort. The main characters are Clovis Cornillac, Manu Payet and Virginie Efira.

6. My Best Friend (Mon meilleur ami) (2006)

Catherine does not want to believe that his business partner Francois is not likeable and has a best friend. She gives him the challenge to set up an introduction. Francois struggles to find someone that can act like his best friend. Therefore, he hires a taxi driver who is very charming to act like his best friend.

The director is Patrice Leconte and the movie was written by Olivier Dazat and Patrice Leconte. The main stars are Dany Boon, Julie Gayet and Daniel Auteuil.

Storyline: Francois is an antique dealer. He has a unique apartment and an awesome life. At a dinner with a group he sees as his friends, he is shocked to find out that none of them like him because he is selfish, harsh and arrogant, and they don’t think he knows the meaning of true friendship.

His friend Catherine makes a bet with him that if he can show them his best friend, he will get to keep the Greek vase he got that afternoon from the company tab. Otherwise, she gets to keep the vase. After accepting her bet, he hires a taxi driver’s services to pose as his best friend.

According to reviews, people felt like it was a hard lesson for Francois, who believes he is at the top of the world. He does not think he needs anyone since he feels he is in charge. Great movie, a bit different from typical French comedies.

7. Paris-Manhattan (2012)

Alice is an obsessed pharmacist and has no hopes when it comes to romance. She meets a guy by the name of Victor but has a hard time committing to him.

Written and directed by Sophie Lellouche. The main stars include Marine Delterme, Patrick Bruel and Alice Taglioni.

Storyline: Alice is an obsessed Woody Allen fan since her teenage years. She meets Pierre in a night club and realises that he loves jazz and thinks that he is her prince charming. But then Pierre sees Alice’s sister and it’s love at first sight for both of them.

The movie is filled with several secondary plots about Alice’s young niece’s boyfriend and whether Alice’s brother in law has an affair. Great plot and fun times!

8. Shut Up (Tais-toi) (2003)

One prisoner tells the other that he hid a large sum of money before being arrested. They manage to escape together but this is just the beginning of many adventures. The director of the film is Francis Veber and it’s written by Serge Frydman ana Francis Veber. The main characters are Jean Reno, Richard Berry and Gerard Depardieu.

Storyline: After hiding the money he stole, and got caught and taken to jail, an outlaw gets in contact with Quentin who is a garrulous giant that makes friends with him. Quentin tries to escape solo but fails. They decide to break out together.

Most viewers enjoyed the film and praised it for not having many stereotypes. The story is brilliant and the jokes are new. Gérard Depardieu’s performance in particular is terrific!

Wrap up

These are but a few of the funniest French comedies that you might enjoy watching with friends and family. But to be honest, the list of awesome French comedy movies is endless. Share some gems in the comments!

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