The French lifestyle and culture appear fascinating to most people, especially to those who were not born or brought up in France. While watching French movies or reading a novel set-up in France, many people wonder about standing under the Eiffel Tower and enjoying their favorite ice-cream on a cold winter night.

France, people believe, is the country of love. This place that has a boisterous lifestyle is the origin of many delicacies, home to some wonderful art and architecture, and of course, the center of the booming fashion industry. So, if you are someone who often dreams about life in France, and would appreciate learning more about its fashion industry, then you will find this lisf of French baby clothes brands especially useful. Here we go!

8 Best French Children’s Clothes Brands


Logo of the French baby clothes brand BonpointBonpoint has been a favorite choice of kids in France since the year 1985. Its biannual fashion show that happens during Couture Week is a popular affair that is graced by many celebrities. The clothes designed by this brand are known for their light touches and essential details. Bonpoint uses colorful draping pieces and playful hand-embroidery to design the most wonderful outfits for toddlers and little kids.


Logo of the French baby clothes brand ChloéChloé’s collection gives a cool boho chick look to the wearer and borrows its inspiration from women’s ready-to-wear-collection. The dresses produced by this brand have a certain voluminous retro-inspired look about them and uses a palette of colors to offer a certain lively look to the person wearing it. The babies dressed in its cute outfits ooze out this same exuberant vibe about them that France is known for.

Tartine et Chocolat

Logo of the French baby clothes brand Tartine et ChocolatThe name of this brand itself gives one a taste of the French culture. Tartine et Chocolat celebrated its 40 years back in 2017, and is named after its founder Catherine Painvin’s favorite treat as a child. Knowing about this brand can be of significance to the parents who want to dress their kids in refined but comfortable attires.


Logo of the French baby clothes brand BuissonnièreBuissonnière was founded back in the year 1983 by two Walloon parents. This brand is committed to designing clothes using organic and natural materials in an effort to save our environment. Buissonnière manufactures unique confections at reasonable prices.

Their clothes are super-adorable and cozy which makes children feel at ease. You will probably appreciate knowing about this brand because it is the holder of the title of ‘Official Supplier to the Court of Belgium’. Pretty cool, isn’t it?!

Baby Dior

Logo of the French baby clothes brand Baby DiorEven if you reside somewhere outside of France, I bet you would still have heard of Baby Dior. This brand is as popular as they come and is known for producing elegant collections for both baby boys and baby girls. Its outfits generally have some embroidery and plenty of tulle on them, along with the house’s iconic bee motif that distinguishes it from the clothing of other houses. So, if you want your child to have an upscale wardrobe, maybe give Baby Dior a chance?


Logo of the French baby clothes brand JacadiJacadi was established in Paris in the year 1976. Today, the brand owns about 270 boutiques in 39 countries all over the world. The brand is recognized for its iconic clothing line that has a quality of timeless elegance about it. It fashions outfits inspired by cuts, motifs, and materials that have acted as milestones in the history of kid’s fashions.

This house has a thing for pastel colors and spring patterns. They are focused on offering a sense of freshness and lightness to the kids, so they don’t feel trapped in their clothes. This certainly makes this brand a preferred choice of parents in France.

Petit Bateau

Logo of the French baby clothes brand Petit BateauUnlike many other brands, Petit Bateau, when it was first established during the 1920s, was a children’s brand and later started designing clothes for adults. Later, in the 1930s, it won the Grand Prix Award at the World Exhibition in Paris and became a popular name. The brand revolutionized the traditionally long undergarments of the previous decades and earned fame for its striped Breton T-shirts and dazzling waterproof jackets. To date, it is still one of the most popular baby clothes brands in France.

Karl Lagerfeld Kids

Logo of the French baby clothes brand Karl Lagerfeld KidsThe house of Karl Lagerfeld has over 200 mono-brand stores located all over the world, and is another kid’s brand that was founded in France. This house combines in its attires the classical Parisian spirit along with the rock chick attitude. Its children’s collection, much like its adult wardrobe, is sporty, cool, and buzzing with attitude. The mini leather jackets that are produced by them are especially cool and my personal favorite!

This concludes my list of the top 8 French baby clothes brands. I hope you’ve discovered some brands that may be useful to you! Let me know in the comments if there are any other toddlers’ brands that you recommend! 🙂

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